Your Capsule Wardrobe - Timeless pieces that will work for you time & time again.

Having a number of classic 'forever' styles is an invaluable investment for which you will be truly grateful. These styles will help pull the other items in your wardrobe together & they will do this time and time again.

Forever pieces should be just that and as new seasons trends arrive they will always be the perfect pairing for another.

Here we've put together a few key pieces that we believe every wardrobe should have. Of course the style or cut to these may differ according to your body shape but essentially every capsule wardrobe should consist of the following...

1- A well cut blazer.  2 - A slim fit cotton shirt.  3 - Denim blue jeans.  4 - Cotton T-shirt.  5 - Tailored trousers.  6 - Leather Jacket  7 - Denim Jacket.  8 - Cashmere knit. 

These are all styles you can wear all year round, items you will reach for whatever the season. Given how our seasons go there's every chance we could have snow in March and blistering sun in September. With this in mind it's important to choose jeans and trousers with leg widths that you can wear with both shoes (heels, flats & trainers) and then also with a boot, so you may in fact need 2 different leg widths in both to carry you through, so be mindful when choosing.

Investing in your capsule wardrobe means there will be less impulse buys. There will less chance that you will regret your purchases because you'll have a wardrobe that's so much more thought out. You will be much more aware of what you have in your wardrobe and will find it easier to buy a couple of new pieces each season that will elevate and breathe fresh life into your existing wardrobe & reflect new trends.

This impacts positively on both your bank account and the environment! A win win.

If you'd like to work through building you very own capsule wardrobe get in touch with us today. You can book a one to one style session with us in store by calling us, emailing us or clicking on the tab above.