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Behind the minimalistic design you will find a machine with an engine twice as powerful as any other fabric shaver on the market. The Pilo is gentle and works on all kinds of woolen fabrics, like cashmere, merino and alpaca etc., etc. The Pilo fabric shaver is charged by USB, no batteries required. Works worldwide.

Don’t throw out pilled clothes

Do not despair just because you notice pillings and lint on your clothes. With the right fabric shaver, they are easy to remove. At Steamery you will find several fabric shavers that work well on different types of fabrics and textiles.

Try our Pilo No.1 Fabric Shaver, available in different colours, that removes pillings and lint effectively yet gently, so that the rest of the garment is not being damaged. Bad lint removers can in fact, in the worst case scenario, create holes or tear the fabric. In our range, we only sell high-quality fabric shavers that work well on several materials.


  • Removes pillings and lint
  • Equipped with small razor blades and a motor that cuts the lint without damaging the garment
  • Suitable for clothes as well as for home textiles such as for instance pillows and blankets


We recommend that you’re extra careful when shaving materials such as alpaca wool, cashmere and merino wool since they are more delicate materials. However, these have a much smaller tendency to create pilling, which is an advantage in itself.

Buy our minimalistic fabric shavers

Choose a high quality fabric shaver to freshen up your clothes and home textiles. With our minimalistic Fabric Shavers, your clothes will look like new in no time.


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