Last Tissue Refill, 6 Pack

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Last Object - Last Tissue Refill, 6 Pack

A reusable alternative to single-use tissues that can be washed 460 times. Each pack contains 6 organic and soft cotton tissues that are reusable alternatives to single-use tissues. The tissues can be used to refill the LastTissue pack, when the original 6 tissues (included in LastTissue) are being washed.

Organic Cotton reduces levels of water pollution by 98%. Besides, it creates 46% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than conventional cotton.

We are shipping 100% plastic free. The packaging is made from non coated cardboard and paper. It’s recycable - Reuse the packaging yourself, or deliver it to a cardboard or paper recycling container.

Save Trees
Every year around 8,000,000 trees are cut down to make facial tissues for the US alone.
Save Water
Every time you blow your nose with a LastTissue, you save 2 liters of water.
Save Energy
It takes 3 times more energy to produce paper tissues compared to the reusable cotton tissues.


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